Darlene Williams lives in the beautiful Texas Hill Country with her husband, Chris. She has a passion for travel as well as helping with fund raisers.

   She loves to share her books and 'critters' with children of all ages (from one to one hundred). She did not become a published author until she was sixty, which is the perfect age to also become the self-proclaimed "Fairy Grandmother". Her favorite explanation of "Why?" is, "Everyone needs some 'magic' in their lives. This magic can come in many forms; words, actions, and the sparkle in people's eyes when they experience something new, fun and exciting.

   She is blessed to have a husband who is a gifted graphics designer to illustrate her works. His vivid illustrations and graphics help bring everything to life.


   Darlene started writing when her youngest grandchild, Victoria, wanted her to make a costume for Halloween. That's how Victoria's Tooth Fairy Adventure and Fairyland was born.

   Then, Shannon, Victoria's elder sister, thought a chapter book would be a fantastic idea. Of course, it would be about her becoming the Midnight Fairy. So, The Midnight Fairy came to life.

   Darlene's third and final book, Three Tales From Fairyland is a combination of three separate stories with an overlapping theme. When you read them, you will notice some of the same events from another point of view. These tales show how one incident (or in this case, one tiny fairy field mouse) can alter a number of events. It also shows how what we sometimes see as a disaster can lead to a much different ending. She has managed to get not only her family involved in the book, but two classes of First Graders and two classes of Third Graders. Many of the characters in the book are adaptations of real people who donated ideas and drawings for this project. The book is loaded with graphics and holds the interest from toddlers to grandparents.


Darlene in one of her

Fairy Grandmother costumes