Perpetual Plaque

Full color plate

We offer a wide variety of plaques. Available sizes run from 5x7 inches through 20x30 inches. The most popular sizes are 8x10 and 9x12 inches respectfully.
WOOD - Let’s talk about the plaque itself. We offer genuine walnut wood with step edges, simulated cherry wood (a darker wood) simulated walnut, alder, and oak.

PLATES – We normally cover the face of the plaque with a plate of some kind. As shown above the traditional plaque is a black plate with gold text. We have the ability of providing a FULL COLORplate for your plaque through the use of a process called sublimation. We can put almost any image on the plate in full color and attach it to your plaque. Background colors available are brushed silver, brushed gold and white. When using the white plate, we can print

a full color background beneath your text and you will have a beautiful wooden plaque with a full color plate.
HOLE-IN-ONE PLAQUES - All we need is the size you want (8x10, 9x12 [recommended], or larger), the score card from the course, the hole number, the club used to make the hole in one, date of the event, and any witnesses you wish to list. When providing the score card, we do NOT need the original. We need just a blank card for sizing.  The score card is attached to the plaque by placing it under a piece of clear acrylic. The acrylic is then attached to the wood. You can always remove the card.
PERPETUAL PLAQUES – For long term remembrances, we also produce perpetual plaques with the number of plates ranging from 12 to 72. These plaques are unique to each individual institution and we recommend you call.
ENGRAVING DIRECTLY ON THE PLAQUE FACE – With light colored wood (Oak and Alder) we can laser engrave directly on the face of the plaque.
PRICING – Average cost for genuine walnut 8x10 is $50.00 and 9x12 is $75.00. Simulated cherry and walnut 8x10s average price is $30.00 and 9x12 is $50.00. All others are on a case by case basis. Because we offer such a wide range of plaques and plates, please call for a quote.

TURN AROUND TIME - Normally less than 72 hours. We've even been known to create your plaque while you wait.

Hole in One